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Pawn Your Car And Still Drive It

Our pawn shop will lend you any amount of money you need for your vehicle, depending on the value of the vehicle as it stands and on you possessing the title to the car. T

The paperwork is fast and simple, and we will store your vehicle during the period of pawn specified in your pawn agreement. Once your balance, including interest, is paid in full you will be regain full possession of your vehicle and its title; it’s that simple.

Best place to pawn your car and still be able to drive it!

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Jewelry Pawn & Loan

Bring your valuable jewelry in to us for pawn and we will give you the fairest pawn and loan price anywhere; no other Johannesburg pawn shop will be able to match our pawn deals.

Simply pay off your loan, with interest, to get your piece back.

Make sure you always retain all paperwork from any pawn transaction, as you will need it to pay off the loan, or you will be asked to pay a fee for paperwork copies (with proper identification).

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Other Valuables

We will take a look at just about anything of value you want to use for pawn and loan collateral!

If we are not sure of the value we can conduct the necessary research which will allow us to make you a fair loan offer.

As stated above, any item taken as collateral on a pawn or loan will be held by us until full loan and interest payments are rendered.

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Pawn Shop Johannesburg


Welcome to the Pawn Shop Johannesburg’s Website. We are a premium 24/7 Pawn Broker in the Fourways region.

It doesn’t matter what kind of bind you find yourself in, when you are strapped for cash fate doesn’t care if it is day or night. You need a 24 hour pawn shop where you can take care of a last minute jewelry pawn or even pawn your car for cash if you have to. Well, we are the Johannesburg pawn shop for you when times get tough!

In tough times you can find a pawn shop in Gauteng but we have the finest pawn shop Johannesburg has to offer, giving you the very best loan deals on your pawn valuables. In Fourways, Johannesburg we are the pawn shop that will make sure you have the cash you need when you need it.

We are the pawn shop in Johannesburg that will take care of your emergency financial needs right. Offering 24 hour pawn shop services enables you to take care of things any time day or night, and we give the very best offers compared to pawn shops in Gauteng or other Johannesburg and fourways pawn shops. Take advantage of the fair offers and fast courteous service we provide as the very best 24 hour pawn shop Johannesburg can boast! Stop in and visit us today!

We pawn the following:

Platinum, silver or platinum diamond (even if it’s ruined).
Gems, diamonds
Luxurious watches (Audemars Piguet, Bell & Ross Rolex Heuer) Coins, Krugerrands
Art, oil paintings, statues
Energy resources including spanners, outlet wrenches, etc including workouts, mills, routers, sanders, jigsaws, jackhammers, welders hand-tools
Commercial equipment including turbines, converters, construction equipment etc
Vehicles, trucks, canopies, trailers, motorcycles, ships, jetski’s
Laptops, MacBooks iPads, flatscreen TVs, gaming conssoles, cameras

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