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Diamond Rings

A girl’s best friend

Brilliantly cut, sparkly little carbon atoms, diamonds have always brought a smile and sense of occasion to every girl. These gorgeous little quirks of nature have what dreams are made of.

Diamonds have enriched our history for about 6,000 years since it was first discovered in India. Many a ballad have been written and songs sung in reverence of its brilliance. It promises unending joy to all who could acquire it. . No other stone in mankind’s existence has had the same claim to fame.

Rings, as a symbol of a never ending cycle, was first exchanged in ancient Egypt and became ever more popular during the Roman era. The ancient Egyptians believed that rings should be worn on the fourth finger, (or the ring finger) as it contains a vein that leads to the heart. The Romans saw it more as a sign of ownership. In modern society, the ring is seen as both a token of love and ownership and varies from person to person.

Through all the millennia, rings have never lost their romanticism and has continued through to ages to adorn many a maidens hand.

In 1477 an Archduke of Austria gave a Diamond ring to his betrothed as an engagement ring. This set a trend amongst the royals and people of higher social class that has endured into the 21st century. Add Diamonds to a ring and you have the perfect blend of never ending dreams, love and romanticism and most of all, prestige. Diamonds seem to have enhanced the status of the ring however, rings with diamonds and other gemstones, were only allowed to be worn by the rich.

Fortunately this rule did not endure and from the 20th century onwards, are now worn by anyone lucky enough to afford it. Diamond rings today are still the most popular accessory for any prospective bride. The bigger and brighter the Diamond, the greater the status and prestige of the wearer.

Diamond rings are a source of financial security for the wearer, a financial investment and will truly always be, a girl’s best friend!

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