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Guidelines on Engagement shopping

There are many ways to go about in search for the perfect engagement ring, with that said here are a few easy guidelines to help you with your search in finding or designing the best ring within budget.

• Be money wise – Before you start searching for the ultimate ring. Sales personnel at jeweller retailers will quickly convince you to choose the more expensive ring, or make you believe that it is the best decision you can make. Rather determine a budget that will fit your pocket and still give you enough room for choosing or designing the best looking ring.

• Choose a ring that will suite your loved ones tastes – You will have to choose from gold, white gold and platinum, with much more added styles, sizes and pattern designs. Focus you attention on the type of jewellery your loved one wears on a daily basis, which will give you a much clearer idea of type of ring you must buy.

• It is considered much cheaper to buy the diamond you want, separately. In this way you can have jewellers shape the diamond to the perfect shape (the opted shape is the solitaire shape) and size. Choose a diamond that is rich in colour and that has a bit lower clearness in it. Make use of the jewellers magnifying instrument and seek out the diamonds with flaws in them as you don’t want those.

• The ring setting will entail the overall look towards the ring. You may choose to add smaller diamonds or gem stones to the settings or other details.
• There are a few ways you can go about in saving a lot of money with a slight difference in your decisions. If your loved one will enjoy a “big stone” then ask for one with more surface area or one that has fewer carat amounts. Other ways to go about is by searching for other centre stones.
• When going ring shopping – take someone with you whom you can trust for helpful guidance.
• Ask friends and family for recommendations towards trustworthy jewellery stores. Once you have your choices, query them on their policies and validations.
• Your diamond(s) have to be approved and graded with the four c’s. Have it all in writing and get it insured as soon as possible.
• Don’t go planning your romantic moment before you have your ring ready. The designing and sizing takes time.